The Great Debaters


GDC has aligned its mandate to respond to the Universal call to action through the Sustainable Development Goals.

GDC for SDGs

The GDC platform seeks to achieve this course through debates and school club challenges

GDC has aligned its mandate to respond to the Universal call to action through the Sustainable
Development Goals. These are the goals adopted by the UN community to bring lasting solutions to
the problems facing our world today. The GDC platform seeks to achieve this course in two ways

  1. Debates: Formulating all our debate motions to align with the 17 SDGs. This gives the
    debaters and club members a chance to interact with the goals through research. GDC
    provides online materials for reference.
  2. School Club Challenge: We challenge the students to come up with action driven club
    projects to champion the implementation of the SDGs in their schools and their
    immediate communities. They are required to identify a problem in their school or
    community that relates to one or several of the 17 SDGs and creatively come up with a
    sustainable solution or idea to solve it. This we believe helps establish a deeper
    understanding of the goals and their application in identifying and solving the problems
    in their localities.

Overall Objectives

Encourage the students to be SDG ambassadors
Encourage critical and creative thinking through the practical application of the SDGs
Inspire them to be positive contributors to their communities
School Club Challenge Guidelines (link)
These are the steps for your school club to participate,
1. Proposal
Students should draft a proposal detailing:

a. The challenge/ problem in your school or community
b. The SDG(s) the challenge relates to
c. Problem solving approach
d. Stages to follow in project execution
e. Time line of events
f. Expected outcome

1. Execution
Students should start executing the initial stages of the project in liaison with the GDC team

2. Monitoring
The GDC team monitors the progress done by the students in the various stages of project
execution. Students are expected to record and send progress reports i.e. written reports,
photographs and video where applicable.

3. Submission of projects
Students submit the completed projects to the GDC team

4. Publicity and awards
Selected projects will be awarded and shared on our social media platforms and some will feature in
select TV episodes of The Great Debaters Contest

Celebrating Nyeri High School

The Great Debaters from Nyeri High School chose to focus on SDGs No 1 and 4 ; No poverty and
Quality education.
The aim of the project was to help needy students sustain 100% school attendance and
performance. The club members realized several students often stay out of school due to financial
problems and inadequate resources. This disrupts their learning and contributes to some level of
psychological torment.
The project with identifying the needy students and selecting an appropriate beneficiary for the
project. The selected beneficiary was Nelson Muga, a form two student whose parents struggled to
pay his school fees. This meant he wasn’t able to concentrate in class, which affected his
Having selected the beneficiary, it was time to bring his parents on board. They appreciated the
initiative as it brought promise for a brighter future for their family.
The success of this project would not have been achieved without the support of the school
The students are looking forward to selecting another student to benefit from this initiative this year.