The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters Contest

The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters Clubs

The Great Debaters Clubs in High Schools are intended to build and sustain the culture of debate among students. The clubs are established in high schools with the aim of building a culture of debate among young people.

The clubs are registered at the school level and run by a full time member of staff. The clubs are supported by GDC Management and former debaters known as GDC connect.

The Great Debaters Club activities:

  1. Internal Debates

  2. Inter-school Debates

  3. Exchange Programs

  4. Round Table Sessions

  5. Publications

  6. Regional and National Debate Contests

  7. Training and Capacity Building

  8. The Annual Collaborative GDC Teachers Workshops


    1. Improved research, listening and communication skills

    2. More confidence and high self-esteem among participating students

    3. Active participation in public discussions on issues affecting livelihood

    4. Exposure to access greater opportunities for self-actualization

    5. Positive impact on wider society, changing perceptions and growing a ‘thinking’ population

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