“We may not be able to prepare the future for our youth, but we can at least prepare the youth for the future” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

This crop of new leaders must learn and master the real issues and embrace the art of efective commu
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A Joint Initiative of the Footprints Africa Foundation  and the Jamhuri Peace Foundation The Gre
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The Launch GDC was launched in September, 2010 at a dusty pitch in Nairobi’s Kibera slum with only
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“One of our greatest responsibilities is to mentor and teach generations that follow us.” ~ Julie Gichuru

Notable Experiences
  • Kenya High School
    After successful participation in the March 2011 Contest, the Kenya High School Debating team got a rare opportunity and travelled to Turkey for International debate forum following their successful participation in the GDC. Their Patron expressed the interest debate has developed in the students.
  • Ms.Collette – Statehouse Girls
    Collette, the winner of the 2010 Great Debater of the year award from Statehouse Girls has had tremendous opportunities following her successful participation. She is currently is currently an icon representing students and children in various organizations such as FIDA, UN, amongst others. Read More
  • 2012 Calendar
    This year, we plan to involve a total of 64 high schools across the country to participate in the debates that will be held from May to the grand final in November 2012. In total, over 124 debates will be be held under the themes of Leadership and Responsibility
Who We are
The Great Debaters Contest (GDC) is an initiative of Jamhuri Peace Foundation and the Footprints Africa Foundation that focuses on providing a platform for young people to actively question, deliberate, share information, lobby and contribute in making Africa a better continent to live in. GDC is currently working with over 100 secondary schools in Kenya. The project mainly targets high school students, age 14-18 years.



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